Online Vastu Course

Learn the principles and fundamentals of vastu shatsra that will be applicable for this modern era’s lifestyle and requirements. Take the first step to explore the vast knowledge of vastu shastra with this course. It will help you make a fulfilling life with positivity and prosperity.

  • Date : February 9, 2023 - February 23, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Fees: (Non-Refundable)
  • New: ₹12000/- (12000 + 18% GST)
  • Repeaters: ₹6000/- (6000 + 18% GST)

(Incl. 1 Year Online Access to Course Videos, Reference Reading Material and Assignments.)

  • Language: Online Course are in Hindi/Bengali. Vastu Certified Trainers support in Hindi, Bengali and English.
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You will learn:

  • The basic of Vastu Shastra, like what exactly is vastu shastra, its origin, vastu purush mandala and so on.
  • How to use Oil-Filled Magnetic Compass for finding North direction of any vastu accurately.
  • Using Google Earth software to accurately trace the building’s location and orientation
  • How to manually draw the layout of the property (without AutoCad). It includes all the sections of home like main gate, bedroom, temple, kitchen, toilets, living room, etc.
  • Accurately marking the 32 Entrances and learning their features and corrections for the negative ones.
  • Understanding the 16 directions in vastu along with their features.
  • Understanding the 5 Elements of panchatatva. How to balance these 5 Elements in any vastu through Cycle of Creation, Cycle of Destruction and Cycle of Balance.
  • Understand color therapy in details. Learn how to select right colors for each room in vastu along with which ones to avoid.
  • How to calculate Cut and Extended Portions in irregular shaped vastus. How to balance them with simple vastu remedies, which don’t need any demolitions.
  • Learn about vastu Remedies to correct vastu defects.
  • Case studies and practical sessions.
  • Procedure to follow for property selections ( be it New/Old Land, House, Flat etc)
  • Tips for money, relationship, education, and health.


  • During the Online course, Intuitive Trainers will be advising you Vastu Remedies for your home.
  • Trainers will also help you relate and correct the negative effects of Activities, Utilities and decor Objects in 16 Directions of Your Home


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