How to grow money plant at home?

It can be grown pretty much anywhere, with very little efforts. All you need is some stem cutting with roots and it can be grown easily in either soil or water (i.e in both vase and water bottle).

As already discussed, money plants are easy to grow indoors, lets take a look at how you can grow your money plant. Money plants can be grown in both water as well as soil. The easiest way to grow them is in water. You need to cut a stem of length around 10-15 inches from a healthy money plant. Cut in such a way that that the root sticks out from below the node. Clean the stem to get rid of any dirt and place it directly in a glass water bottle. At least one node should be submerged inside the water all time. This will help the nodes to grow further and spread.

If you are rather busy with your everyday schedule, you can also get saplings or small plants from your local nursery or online store. You can directly plant them in soil and water them regularly. But use a large pot to keep adequate space for the roots to grow with time. Remember that money plants are climbers, so no matter where you are growing them, as the plant starts to grow and sprout leaves, add some support like threat to help the plant climb. Don’t forget to place it near a window to help get it some sunlight.

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