What are the important tips for money plant care?

Growing money plants might be easy, but it requires some care to grow it into a healthy plant. Some helpful tips for the same are as follows-

  1. Change the water at least once every week.
  2. Money plant grows tremendously. Trim it regularly to control its growth.
  • Keep adequate water level in the glass jar.
  1. Place the money plant near a window/ balcony so that it can get sunlight.
  2. But do not keep the plant in direct sunlight as too much heat can damage the leaves. Always place it somewhere it can receive indirect sunlight.
  3. If the plant is placed in the room with AC, mist the plant routinely because too
    1. much cool air can make it dry.
    • Use only tap or potable water, as water with chlorine/fluorine man damage the plant
    • Avoid adding any fertilizers or pesticides to the plant.
    1. Keep a scissor to trim of withered leaves to remove negative energy and keep the plant healthy.
    2. You can trim your plant in a desired shape by trimming it regularly.

    You don’t need to have experts’ skills of gardening to grow money plant. But, make sure to follow the above said tips to make a healthy plant.

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