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While doing vastu for any property we automatically consider few things about it like the main gate, temple, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets and other parts. But that is not all. All part of the property needs to be evaluated carefully by vastuvid in order to make sure that no major defect arise from it.

The staircase placement does not usually come to our mind in general, but it is also an important part of any property’s vastu and thus finds an irreplaceable place in vastu shastra. It is common to find that people allocate the spare portion of the home or office space for the staircase placement, which is not advised by vastu shastra expert.

After all, it is important to place each and every part of the property to be present in the right zone and staircase is no exception, even if it is not used like a regular room like bedroom or kitchen. In case you don’t even use the staircase much, its placement still matters extensively. The importance of staircase vastu is recognized for both residential and commercial properties.

No matter if the staircase is present inside the main building or is carved from the outside; its placement is what matters the most from vastu perspective. There are 16 zones in vastu and while most of the zones in the vastu is considered okay for it, few are considered big problem vastuvise. The placement of stairs in the NE is one such major issue. Let us see the side effects associated with it and how to correct it accordingly.

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What side effects occur from having kitchen in north east zone in vastu?

Staircase (or even lift) in north east zone is not compatible at all because this zone signifies divine energy because of it being the house of Lord Shiva. This derives its name as Ishan zone, making it most suitable for temple placement. This zone channels the pran energy within the property and must be use wisely to radiate positive energy in the vastu.

Staircase creates a gap or cut where it lies and if it is present in the NE zone then it can cut off the pran energy in your property. Because of this you can find incurable health issue in the family. This is classified as a major defect. In addition, it can bring mind related problems like depression, lack of mental peace, gloominess etc. Since the head of the vastu purush lies in the north east zone, presence of staircase can trigger these problems for the occupants of the property.

Staircase in NE looks very inauspicious but it may not create these troubles for all. It mainly depends on the astro vastu of the individual residing in it. The astro vastu after all is the custom made vastu evaluation that is done individually for each occupant.

To be on the safe side, it is best to avoid buying any property with staircase in the NE zone. but nothing can be done it this is already present in your vastu. You cannot simply shift your staircase to a different zone. Thus, in such circumstances, you need to evaluate where or not it is affecting your family or business.

If you are facing any problem because of this orientation then you need to do its remedy on right time. In this following section, we will check out the remedies that can be useful in this regard.

Vastu mantras for Staircase in North East zone

Fixing any major defect 100% is impossible without structural alteration. But fixing it largely with remedies is possible, thankfully. Apply the following advises to correct it effectively-

I. Keep a snake plant at every turn of the staircase, which can attract positive energy in the staircase area. It is useful in overcoming the negative energy that is produced due to this defect. Besides indoor plants circulate air flow and also boosts the aesthetics of the surroundings.

II. Take a handful of vastu salt in a bowl and place it in the staircase. This special type of salt is filled with positive energy that can absorb negative energy from the surrounding. To keep this filtering process in function, you should change the vastu salt after every week.

III. On a regular basis, clean your staircase area clean and dirt free. Don’t forget to remove spider webs etc from the ceiling of the staircase section, which is very common to find. The practice of cleaning will remove the dirt, debris and thus negative energy that is generated in here.

IV. Do not keep any unused/broken items like furniture, bicycle, books etc stacked in the staircase area. It results in cluttering, which harms the energy flow. Clear this area and let natural laylight and air enter through windows and passage.

V. It is best to keep the underneath of staircase void so that air and energy can flow freely. Never place temple under the staircase or use it for any other good purpose like study table etc. If it is present from before, then relocate it elsewhere.

VI. Pay attention to the color therapy as well. The north east zone represents water element and thus you need to use blue or black color for the staircase walls to set balance. It is very important to avoid using red, pink, yellow and golden colors in here.

As a safety measure you should try to avoid placement of staircase in South West and Brahmasthan as well since they cause major defects too.

We hope that these general vastu tips will help you rectify the defects associated with staircase vastu defects in your property. But suppose it does not work for you then you need tailored vastu solution for it. you can get it from

To know more about the staircase vastu, you should contact the expert of Vaastu Mangaal. We address the vastu of both residential and commercial properties with full accuracy and at a reasonable price. Feel free to share your queries for further understanding.


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