Vastu Shastra experts recommends to use Light and soothing colors in general for a calming and relaxing mind. Avoid black or deep shades of colors as it might cause depression or strain to watch. You can pick different colors for each room as well for getting the best out it.

The perfect alignment can vary from house to house and as per individual requirements, thus you should always consult an expert for it. But in general, the following orientation is considered as the most suitable-
Master bedroom in SW
Living room in NE
Guest bedroom / kid’s room in NW
Kitchen in SE
Bathrooms in NW corners

Yantras or vastu tools are specially designed devices to radiate positive energy around it. These are of different types to attain better health, finance, harmony and so on. some of the vastu items or yantras are vastu pyramid, Hanumanji statue/poster, laughing buddha, swastika, om etc. your vastu expert can guide which yantra is suitable for you.

Yes. Vastu shastra can help the occupants of the property with improvised luck, health and wealth.

Yes, internal arrangement of house items also plays a crucial role in vastu shastra. Placement of bed, mirrors, cooking ovens, children’s study table, etc inside the house are also important to make a vastu compliant house.

Tulsi plant is considered very auspicious. Apart form it you can grow many other plants that brings positivity in the surroundings. Try to avoid cactus plants as they hinder progress.

There is no specific picture to pick to reject, but try to avoid any that evokes emotions of loneliness or sorrow. Instead pick any picture that radiates good feelings. You can pick family pictures or beautiful scenery or divine paintings on the walls.

In case you are living in the same property try to keep the South West portion of the house for yourself and the rest of the portion is good to go for renting out to tenants.

That’s quite easy. It is the direction you are facing when you are walking outside of the house through the main door.

The right way of noting the direction of the plot is by placing the compass at the center of the plot and noting the north direction, followed by the remaining ones.

Yes, the main door holds the threshold of the entire house. With the help of proper vastu analysis you can ensure that only the positive energies enter your home.

Yes, there some vastu defects can cause significant delay in marriage. If such an issue is present in your home, consider getting vastu analysis at the earliest.

Worshiping regularly helps to build positive energy in a house. But it is not a replacement for vastu shastra as both of them has its own significance. Since vastu defect of a house builds negativity 24X7, worshiping alone is not adequate, you need to reinforce your guard against it with the help of vastu shastra.

It depends on the severity of the defect. Usually, minor defects can be fixed totally with simple remedies and an expert vastu consulant can help you get rid of a severe defect significantly as well.

We spend a huge portion of the day inside of a building (either home or office/factory etc). Thus, if you ensure that property is vastu compliant, it helps you channel positive energies and get rid of the negative ones.

No. There is no connection between the size of the house and its vastu. As long as you have a plot that is either square or rectangular, the size does not matter.

Try to place even number of doors in your home. Also, ensure that the main door is the largest in size as compared to the rest of them.

No, absolutely not. Try to avoid any such plot that is lower than its surrounding ground. But in case, you already bought it, increase the level to the ground level before start building your home on it.

As per vastu shastra, it is inauspicious to have any gap in the main door. So, if you want to have a look outside the main door for security reasons, it is advised to have a small window on the walls of main door.

You can start following at any time you want, but the early you start, the more benefits you start to get. So, if you are thinking about seeking vastu shastra, best time for you is right now.

Vastu shastra is based on  5 elements- Water, earth, air, fire and space.

Yes. Vastu affects individuals of every age. Children are particularly susceptible to vastu of the home. Thus, a vastu analysis of children’s room is highly recommended.

No. Vastu shastra is secular and influences everyday life of people irrespective of religion of faith.

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