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Home is where the heart finds peace. Home gives us, not only a place of belongingness, but also our identity, comfort, and well being. No matter how far we stay due to our business or pleasure, we always picture our home as our place’ in the world. Every part of your residence profoundly impacts your mental and physical health, wealth, and well-being.

Vaastu Shastra depends on different energies of our nature, the solar and lunar cycle, the cosmic rays, magnetic, light, thermal and wind energy. These various elements of nature influence the aspects of our lives. It can affect our mental peace, wealth, health and achievements. And thus, these supernatural powers must stay in harmony for us to have peace, good health and wealth. The vastu consultant for home ensures that your home is perfectly balanced with nature.

To attain this, our home must be aligned properly; not only from the perspective of architecture but also regarding the placement of the furniture and other kinds of stuff. Their direction as per the principal of the residential Vastu Shastra will transform your life positively. While analyzing the principles of Vaastu, there are plenty of things that are taken care of for the perfect Vaastu solution of your residence.

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