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Vastu shastra uses 16 zones and their utility in both residential and commercial spaces through a common grid known as vastu purush mandala. This chart depicts each part of the layout against the 16 zones. Based on the features of these zones and the utility of each room, the vastuvid offers their conclusion and score them into positive and negative placements. You will also get correction remedies for the portions that has negative placement. Astro vastu on the other hand is a rather special type of evaluation that combines both vastu shastra and astrology.

Astro vastu is the perfect amalgamation of astrology and vastu shastra. This is a customized vastu evaluation that is done individually for each person. Astro has immense value in our lives, as per Hindu traditions, which includes education, marriage, finance, career, and many other attributes. It seems only too logical that astrology also has its importance in the place of our dwelling or working.

Since our astrological findings are based on our individual natal charts, no two people can have exact same chart and the same works for astro vastu evaluation as well, which also is done individually for each client. Thus, astro vastu offers a more accurate and customized vastu evaluation.

Based on the date of birth of the individual, the expert vastuvid draws various charts involving ruling planet, nakshatra, antar dasha, maha dasha and so on.

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