Terms of Service

For any additional information or clarification about our Terms of Service, please feel free to contact Vaastu Mangaal.


These terms and conditions concern the use of Vaastu Mangaal’s website by you as a user. By continuing to this website, you accept these terms and conditions without any external influence or misguidance. If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, you must immediately exit from this website.

License to use website

Unless otherwise stated the intellectual property (all the information provided on the website) of www.vaastumangaal.com is owned and reserved by Vaastu Mangaal solely.

You may view, or even print information displayed on our pages for your own personal use and learning. However you must not violate these information elsewhere, as stated below.

Republish any information be in print nor digital form under your name.

  • sell, rent or sub-license material from the website.
  • use these information for any commercial purpose.
  • edit or modify any information on the website.
  • redistributing material from this website. Your study materials provided by Vaastu Mangaal is solely for your usage and we strictly forbid its redistribution.

For commercial property vastu evaluation, the relevant information may only be redistributed within your organisation.

Acceptable use

You must not use this website to cause any damage to it. Any attempt to cause impairment of the availability or accessibility of www.vaastumangaal.com is illegal and will be brought to the attention of relevant governing bodies at the earliest.

Under no situation you can use this website to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any malware.

You are forbidden to hack into the website of Vaastu Mangaal for scraping, data mining, data extraction, data harvesting etc.

You must not use this website for any purposes related to business or commercial use without written consent of Vaastu Mangaal.

Restricted access

Access to certain areas of this website is restricted for users. Only the administrator of Vaastu Mangaal can access them freely. Vaastu Mangaal can provide you credentials to access some of the restricted areas of this website for any vastu course or other purpose.

You acknowledge that you will keep this information confidential. You alone are responsible for it if any security occurs.

If seems fir, Vaastu Mangaal may disable your user ID and password at its website without notice or explanation.

User Information

We might collect some data about the property for evaluation of its vastu. Whatever text, images, audio material, video material you provide to Vaastu Mangaal can be used by us for relevant needs.

You agree to let Vaastu Mangaal use and process these information without any royalty. Vastu Mangaal can use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute these content in present or future timeline.

Limitations of liability

Vaastu Mangaal cannot be held liable for any direct loss or indirect loss incurred by individual/organization. In the event of financial losses, poor feedback, low income of any individual/organization you cannot hold Vaastu Mangaal or any of its staff liable for it.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. Refunds cannot be issued on any order that is once placed.
  2. Ideally we deliver our vastu and astro vastu reports on time. However, reports for large or complicated properties might take a couple more days. This delay cannot be used for seeking refund.
  3. o refunds will be entertained for returning of any damaged products. We dispatch our product at perfect condition with utmost care. Any damage caused to the product after its delivery is not liable for us. If damage of the product genuinely occurs during transit Vaastu Mangaal will address it.
  4. The products and services provided by Vaastu Mangaal is NOT a substitute for any medical treatment or financial guidance or hard work. For any medical or legal advice you should reach out to a professional.
  5. Our services and products works in the non-tangible approaches like psychology, emotions, astrological effects and nature’s vibration etc. No refund will be made in case you don’t feel these service/products have casted desirable effect for you.
  6. Due to technical settings the product displayed on the website of Vaastu Mangaal might look a little different in color or even scale than the original product. No refunds will be issued on this ground.
  7. Multiple payments against the same order will be refunded in full after we confirm the same from our end as well. Once we retain the cost of a singular order we will issue the refund for the rest.

Other parties

In this section you agree to not put allegation or defamation against any staff of Vaastu Mangaal, in case you suffer any loss or disappointment with the product/service offered by Vaastu Mangaal.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

If user breaches these terms and conditions in any way, may block or suspend your access to the website. If needed, we can reach to concerned internet service provider and/or governing body to take action against you.


Vaastu Mangaal reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without prior intimation or seeking your consent. This can happen from time to time; and its current effective date will be made visible on the website. We encourage users to check the page often to stay updated.

The user may not transfer their rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions to any other individual/organization.


If any term in this agreement is determined to be unlawful by any governing body of India, the remaining provisions will continue to be in effect.


By continue using this website, you acknowledge that the terms and conditions of this website disclaimer are reasonable.

If you find that they are reasonable, you must not use this website.

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