Kitchen in SW

Kitchen in SW

These days we can find modular kitchen in most of the new properties. The sleek look and space utility makes it a very popular choice among residents. But when is a derived that their kitchen has underlying defect, sometimes it shocks them. Well, no matter how much lavishly you spend on it, if it is not present in the right zone, it will trigger some defects.

The importance of kitchen vastu must never be overlooked over its design and aesthetics because kitchen holds an important element of vastu, the fire element. This needs to be balanced in the right zone. Out of the 16 zones in vastu, there are 4 zones that are compatible for kitchen vastu.

Three zones represent fire element (south, south east and south of south east) and the last zone is west. For getting positive result, you should ideally place your kitchen in any of these 4 zones. The rest zones trigger either major or minor defects of vastu.

You see fixing minor defects of vastu entire is possible with simply remedies. But unfortunately, doing so for major defects is not. Presence of kitchen in the south west zone is counted as a major defect, which should be avoided.

Let us see what side-effects can arise from having a kitchen in the south west zone along with remedies to correct it as much as possible. First, we will check the features of south west zone from vastu perspective.

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Unique attributes of south west zone

South west zone is one of the most critical zones in vastu that signifies many things simultaneously. It signifies pitra energy, balance, stability, skills and relationship aspects for its occupants. since so much positivities are associated with it, you can carry out activities like sleeping, studying, pitra puja, living and dining space and so on.

But this zone must not be used for cooking because it triggers severe consequences. Let us take a look at the side effects that can occur to you because of it and how you can tackle it effectively.

Side effects associated with kitchen in SW zone?

The presence of kitchen in the south west zone triggers a major defect in vastu which causes the following problems.

i. Instability – earth element of the Panchatatva represents the south west zone. Hence it represents stability and having fire in here causing instability. You will face constant ups and downs in your life, lacking any balance and stability, be in in your personal or professional lives.

ii. Relationship issues- the south west zone also denotes relationship aspect and hence is usually advised for master bedroom. Keeping fire in here cause strains in your family relationship, especially between husband and wife in the home. Instances of separation can also be found in extreme cases.

iii. Poor Skills – SW zone represents skills as well and if you place fire in here, it will then hamper your ability to learn or utilize a skill properly.

iv. Hampering pitra energy- since SW is the zone of pitra, you are recommended to do pitra pujan in here. But if you keep kitchen in the pitrasthan, then doing so is not possible. As a result, it will block your passage to obtain pitra blessing.

The scenario is as unpleasant for office pantries and factory canteens as well, which mainly brings tremendous instability in business. It also poorly affects the capability of the staff to utilize their skills.

Even if these unpleasant side effects seem overbearing, you should know that it does not affect all occupants equally. Bear in mind that having a south west zonal toilet increases the risks of these side effects for any family or business. But it does mean it will happen for sure. Doing the astro vastu evaluation can reveal the extend of consequences because of it for you.

Vastu mantras for kitchen in SW

The presence of kitchen in South west zone is considered as a major defect which is impossible to fix 100% without making structural alterations. Relocating the kitchen in the west or south eastern zones is the best remedy for it. If it is not possible then you should try to relocate the kitchen in a different zone which causes only minor defect and then correct it entirely with remedies.

To be on the safer side, you should avoid buying a new property with a south west zonal kitchen. But say, there is no alternative, then what can be done? In that case, you can only do remedies for kitchen in south west zone to correct it as much as possible.

Let us now check out the remedies you can apply for best possible vastu defect correction.

• Use vastu salt in the kitchen, which is specially produced under the guidance of vastuvid. In a bowl pour a handful of vastu salt and let it absorb the negative energy generated by the fire in SW zone. It is essential to change the salt once every week, otherwise it will become stagnant and wont function properly.

• Keep a slab of yellow Jaisalmer marble under the oven to absorb harmful energy emitted during cooking and to balance the defect caused by fire in SW zone. Make sure that the slab is larger than that of oven.

• Keep a snake plant inside the kitchen area to attract positive energies. The leaves of snake plant is considered as an ideal option for its ability to withstand the heat generated while cooking. It generates high quality oxygen that balances the air quality in the kitchen.

• Keep the kitchen clean to remove dirt, bad smell and make it your habit to clean the dishes every night before sleeping. Also discard the garbage of the kitchen on everyday basis. It will improve your hygiene and vastu much effectively.

• You should check the color of the toilet interiors as well. Since south west zone represents earth element, make sure to use only golden and yellow colors for the kitchen tiles and walls. Consider changing it accordingly, if needed.

In case these remedies still don’t work for you, then you need to consult with an expert vastuvid who can offer customized solution for your floor plan and individual needs through astro vastu evaluation and correction.


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