Overhead water tank in NE zones

Overhead water tank in NE zone

We all use overhead water tank and underground water tank to fulfil our daily needs of water. Thus, it finds an important place in vastu as well. Be it a residential space or commercial one, having the water tanks in the right place is essential.

In vastu shastra, the importance of Panchatatva elements in immense. These are 5 primordial elements of nature that constructs the universe; and it comprises of water, air, fire, earth and space. Since water tank holds water, it is common to assume that it represents water element.

But vastu principle does not work like that. While the underground water tanks are considered to represent water element, the same does not hold true for overhead water tank, which are considered as earth element.

You also need to know that there are 16 zones in vastu and each one also represents one of these elements. The northern zones (north of north west, north, north of north east and north east) represent water element. While the earth element is denoted by south west zone (and South of south west zone as well).

It is essential to place the any element in the respective zone to set balance of Panchatatva in vastu. Thus, obvious reasons, it is advised to place the overhead water tank in the south west zone. Though SSW is also representative of earth element, it is the zone of disposal and hence is best left unused for water tanks.

If south west zone is not available, then vastuvid permits its placement in the south and west zone as well. But it is strictly forbidden to use the northern zones, especially NE for overhead water tank. Let us learn of the consequences that arises due to it and ways to correct it effectively.

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What side effects arise from overhead water tank in NE zone?

As we mentioned earlier norther zones represent water element and overhead water tank represent earth element. So, when you mix earth with water, the earth element absorbs all the goodness of water element and hence the occupants lose the benefits of water element.

As a result, the occupants of such vastu finds themselves facing lack of opportunity in life. It is common to find that residents of such properties don’t get many good opportunities to stable their career. It might also happen that they get opportunity but remain incapable to use to for good.

Similar problems can be found in workplaces too if the overhead water tank is present in the water zones. It can fail to get or utilize any good opportunity that might present itself. Ultimately, it hampers the business.

Please note that having overhead tank in the northeast zone does not mean that these problems with happen for sure. The chance of its occurrence becomes very high, but still, it is the individual astrological influences that ultimately determines the same.

You can know whether or not it affects you by getting your astro vastu evaluated from expert vastuvid. This is a custom made vastu evaluation that is carried out based on the date of birth of the individual in concern and reveals most accurately about a vastu and its occupant’s compatibility.

When a water tank on ground act as an overhead tank?

It is natural to think that only the tanks present in the roof of a building is overhead tank and usually it is right. The ones present under the ground are rightly called underground water tank. But there is an exception.

Suppose there is a tank that is present on ground but not inside it, or if it is partially present under the ground and rest above it. In both these cases, it is considered as an overhead water tank and hence it represents the earth element and not the water element.

Thus, you need to keep the same in the south west or west zone to set balance. Alternatively, you need to apply the remedies for traditional overhead water tank, which we will discuss shortly.

Vastu mantras for overhead water tank in North East zone

It is best not to place the overhead water tank in the north east or other northern zones to be on the safer side. But suppose this orientation is present in your home or office building from before then you need to do its remedy.

Please note that overhead water tank in northern zones is considered as a major defect and fixing it entirely without alteration is not possible. So, for best remedy, you need to relocate the water tank in the south west zone. If this zone is are not free then you can also relocate it in the west or south zones, even though these are not earth element zones. Their blending with the earth element does not trigger any problem.

For added vastu benefits, pay attention to the colors as well. After all, color balancing in important in vastu shastra. Use yellow colored tank for tanks in south west and south zones. Use white colored tank for west zone.

If you have plastic water tank in NE zone then making relocation according to vastu needs is easier. But if don’t have any free space or if you have cement tank, then it becomes a rather challenging task. While remodelling is an excellent opportunity to get the right placement done, it is a rather rare event. So, knowing a general remedy is very helpful in general. In that case, you can paint the tank body in white color. This simple remedy can correct the side effects of the defects effectively as it works on the principle of color therapy as per vastu shastra.

In some cases, you can get additional advantage by using some powerful vastu tool that can be found at vastu agency like Vaastu Mangaal.

If you want to get complete vastu for your home or office properties then get in touch with us. To know more about the vastu guidance of overhead water tank and underground water tank, contact expert vastuvid.


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