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Bedroom is a rather special unit in any home and for good reasons. After every day’s hard work, we sleep and relax in the bedroom itself. However, you need to understand that only having a fancy bed and mattress does not assure good quality sleep; you must also pay attention to its vastu needs.

Yes, the placement of bedroom and specifically the bed in the right

zone is elementary to ensure peaceful sleep and complete relaxation. There are 16 zones in the vastu and most of them are compatible for sleeping as they offer some type of benefit.

South is considered best among the rest as it the zone of sleep and relaxation in vastu. But you can place the bedroom in other zones for other specific perks. For instance, sleeping in north zone brings new opportunities, sleeping in east boosts your social connections, sleeping in west brings good profits and so on.

In general sleeping in the south west zone is also considered good in general as per vastu. In fact, it is considered as the most ideal choice for master bedroom. But before you blindly make this design, you need to know the actual facts, otherwise you risk causing major defects in vastu. Let us see what are the features of south west zone, before learning of the negativity that might come from this zonal bedroom.

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What perks can come from sleeping in SW zone?

The south west is the zone of stability, relationship, skills in vastu. Needless to say, sleeping in the SW zonal bedroom is likely to boost these said aspects, making it a positive attribute in any home and beneficial for any family.

Apart from sleeping in this bedroom, you can also use a portion of it for pitra puja, since it is the pitrasthan in vastu. Despite popular belief, vastu shastra permits bed placement and pitra placement in the same zone. You only need to make sure that your feet does not point towards pitra picture.

What drawbacks can come from sleeping in SW zone?

While the list of benefits seems overwhelming, you must become blinded by it because a major problem can occur from sleeping here too. If an elderly person sleeps in here, it makes them way too stubborn.

If is common to find that when anyone above the age of 50 sleeps in the south west bedroom, they become single minded in everything. They assume that only they are right about everything and everyone else is making a wrong assumption. While their years of experience is valuable beyond measures, it is also important to bear in mind that with time a lot of things change and you need to keep with the upgradation.

When elderly person sleeps in the SW bedroom, they start to resist anything that is told to them, even for their own benefits. As a result, this causes family conflict and eventually scenario becomes unpleasant and unbearable.

What happens if the bedroom is in SW zone, but the bed is not?

It is quite common to find bedrooms and other units of the home to be present in 2 or more zones. So, you need to check the precise zone in which the bed lies. For SW zonal bedroom, you need to be extra careful in this regard.

If the bed partially lies in South West and partially in any other zone, then you need to evaluate the other zone as well. If the bed also lies in the west of south west then it is a positive attribute as it offers good education and savings to the residents. However, if the bed also lies in the south of south west, then you need to be extra careful.

The south of south west zone is the zone of disposal and it is not good for sleeping. The only good utilization of the SSW zone is for toilet and septic tank placement since it can dispose the negative energy that is created from these units.

If you use this zone for sleeping instead then it will bring severe consequences. When couples sleep here, it brings constant argument between them. If a student or jobber sleep here, then their education or career aspect can get drained potentially. It also can bring health complication to them.

Moreover, they will find it difficult to sleep peacefully or get complete relaxation. Thus, it is best to avoid this zone for sleeping.

Vastu mantras for bedroom in SW

if your bedroom lies in the SW zone then don’t forget to implement the following tips for its better vastu.

1. Since it is the zone of relationship, you can allocate it to any married couples. It will boost their marital relationship and bonding.

2. Do not allocate it to any person above the age of 50. This will ensure that unnecessary conflict does not take place in the family.

3. Since South West is the zone of skills, you can allocate it to students or jobbers. The good energies of this zone will help them make the best use of their skills.

4. Make sure that no portion of the bed lies in the south of south west zone. If it does so, you need to shift the bed towards the south west or west of south west zone completely.

5. In case there is no space to shift the bed from the SSW zone then you should allocate this bedroom for guests only.

6. Check the colors used for the bedroom interiors and fabrics. Since the south west zone represents earth element, you need to use golden and yellow color for it. Avoid using the black, blue, green and brown color as all cost as it triggers major defects on vastu.

7. For added advantages keep a snake plant in the bedroom. It is the only plant that produces oxygen 24/7 and hence do wonders for your vastu and biological needs.

If you want to get your home evaluated or designed from expert vastuvid then contact Vaastu Mangaal.


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