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Vaastu Mangaal laid its foundation stone in 2003. We have made a remarkable journey since then as we became the Best Vastu Consultation Company in Kolkata. We aim to identify the Vaastu problem at the ground level and provide Vastu Solution for the same.

For those who understand very little regarding the same, Let us explain how it works:


Nature and its elements influence our lives in numerous and mysterious ways. Let it be the cosmic influence of the sun, the direction of the wind, the moon’s position, earth’s magnetic power; these influences of cosmos on your planet can affect your life in both good and bad ways. So, needless to say, the amalgamation of these directions can make or break our lives.

This is where Vaastu Mangaal comes into the picture. We aim to shape a positive atmosphere that abides by the laws of nature. We focus on positioning the elements of your space to the best of yourself. Whether it is an industrial, commercial, or residential space; we fabricate your surroundings in a way to yield the positive energy of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space/Ether). This will eventually lead your life towards contentment and your purpose will be fulfilled like never before.

Vaastu Mangal is a top Vastu consultation company in Kolkata, which has catered its services to more than 3000 clients. Our clientele keeps referring us to their peers after attaining a more fulfilling life themselves


The Founder:


Mr. Pinaki Pal is the founder of Vaastu Mangal. Even though he began his professional career as a Manager in an esteemed MNC company, his passion and inclination for Vaastu Shastra enticed him to switch his profession to a unique dimension. Now, he takes pride in being an ardent expert on Vaastu Shastra who has been professionally acclaimed for his exclusive achievements. His enormous knowledge about the science of Vaastu and the concept of Numerology is appreciated with a happy heart by our customers. His advice and consultations have been transforming the lives of many people from the past 17 years. In a nutshell, all his professional achievements in terms of Vastu Shastra and numerology consultancy in Kolkata have shaped the way to get the ultimate happiness for numerous people.

It is rightly said that ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’. Mrs. Kalpana Mishra is the superwoman in his life. She paves the path for having effective communication between Mr. Pal and the clients. Her contributions to this organization are as crucial as his. Mrs. Mishra, after completing her B.sc Graduate and MBA, joined Vaastu mangaal. She too is a Vaastu expert and a Beauty Blogger. She offers fine recommendations to her clients for adapting the Vaastu-related changes in industrial, commercial and residential space. Her expert touch has transformed the lives of many people. She is admired for her remarkable Vaastu Tips.

Being a top Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Vaastu Mangaal keeps on reaching out to the people in need, and help them prosper throughout their lives.

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