9 Vastu Tips For Your Children’s Room To Give Them A Brighter Future.

It is rightly said that ‘Children Are The Future Of Our Nation’. Indeed, there is nothing a parent won’t do to make sure of their children’s well-being. The well-being of a child does not only mean their health but also implies to prepare them for their life ahead. This develops from having positive thinking, creativity, and energy to go ahead. Apart from giving them good morals, education and life philosophy, you can do one very simple yet very effective thing for their future, doing vastu shastra of their room.Vaastu For Children Room

From the perspective of vastu shastra, vastu for home, in general, is advantageous, but the proper orientation in the children’s room is of utmost importance. It encourages them to have fun and have good health. Check out some of the Vastu tips for the children’s room:

  1. Make sure the Direction of the children’s room is on the western side of the home. For girls the northwest corner and boys, the north or west side is particularly beneficial.
  2.  If possible, keep the door and windows on the east or north side. Try posting them in opposite orientation for cross ventilation.
  3.  Avoid putting furniture in the center of the room.
  4. Try to position the bed in the south-west corner and avoid placing it directly opposite of the door. Keep a few inches gap between the walls and the bed.
  5. Place cabinet against either the south or west wall.
  6. Keep the study table in such a setting that enables your child to sit in northeast orientation.
  7. Neatly arrange books and study material so that it intrigues interest to engage in study but does not create pressure.
  8. Avoid keeping tv or large mirrors in the children’s room as it causes distraction. Place computer or laptop on the north side of the room, if needed for education purposes.
  9. Though pink and blue colors are most popular for girls and boys respectively, consider green color as it promotes creativity and alertness along with adding peace, freshness and greenery in the surrounding.

Make sure your children’s room has adequate lighting. Don’t use very bright lights as it causes strain. Try to use the natural daylight during the day and let the element of nature blend with your children.

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