Online Vastu Consultancy – The Boon of the Tech Driven World

Did you ever wonder how great it would be, if you could get Online Vastu consultancy for your home and office properties? If might seem like an exaggerate concept, but Online Vastu consultancy is a real thing.

Let us find out how, Online Vastu consultant are able to offer you best vastu service for your properties, without needing you to leave the comfort of your home.

What is Online Vastu Consultancy?

Though this terminology is self explanatory, let us make it crystal clear for all. Vastu consultancy is a high end service offered by expert vastuvid. They use their knowledge of vastu shastra to ensure that your residential and commercial properties channel positive energy throughout.

Traditionally, a vastu expert requires visiting the site in person to carry out several procedures to make meaningful deduction for the vastu. However, nowadays, it is not mandatory to do so in today’s modern era.

The alternative of in-person vastu consultancy is Online Vastu consultancy. It is done entirely through the medium of email, Google maps and other online tools.

Is Online Vastu Consultancy Accurate as much as in Person Vastu Consultancy?


We have learnt that Online Vastu consultancy is nowadays a thing. But the main question still remains unanswered, “is it as much effective as in person vastu consultancy?”

Let us understand this with an example of daily life. Until a decade or so, getting any treatment meant going to the doctor’s clinic in person and waiting for their turn to get one-to-one consultation with the doctor.

Then the patient required to undergo all the tests as prescribed by the doctor and share the report with the doctor, who would then prescribe suitable medicines for it.

But what can you do, if there are no good doctors available in your vicinity? You will be forced to seek guidance from a mediocre one, whose expertise might not be that good, right?

Thankfully, there are many platforms like practo, which offers online doctor’s consultation. You can easily reach out to them and share your case. With their expertise, they will guide you to resolve your health complications.

Online Vastu consultant conforms that online vastu is similar in nature. In this tech driven world, the modern technology has become people’s best friend. You don’t require to visit everywhere in person to get a job done. Technology can make it much easier.

 Though in person vastu service is obviously has its perks as the vastu expert makes the vastu grids himself with no error, the Online Vastu consultancy is quite accurate too.

Who Can Get Online Vastu Consultancy?


There is no strict rule as to who should or should not seek Online Vastu consultancy. Anyone and everyone can choose to get online vastu service.

It can be done for both residential and commercial properties. Moreover, online vastu is useful for new as well as old, existing properties.

In case your property’s floor plan is yet to be approved officially, you can still get alterations to make it vastu compliant, with the help of experts. Property selection package and color vastu therapy is also possible with the help of Online Vastu consultant.

The potential of online vastu service is limitless. Not only the residents of every corner of India can get its advantage, even the people from all over the world can consider this for their property.

However, online vastu might not be the best deal for you in some case. For some people, it is better to get online vastu service. Let us see why.

As a thumb rule you should try to follow this; if you can get an expert vastuvid in your city itself (either they are based in there or offer their service in the city/town), try to get onsite vastu service.

However, if there is no vastuvid that is up to the mark, or you find an expert vastu consultant based in other city or state, you should consider getting Online Vastu consultancy.

If there is no noteworthy name comes up when you search ‘best vastu consultant near me’; you should get online vastu service itself.

How Online Vastu Consultancy is Done Accurately Without Actual Site Visit?


We have stated earlier that Online Vastu consultant can carry it out without actual site visit quite accurately, but this statement might puzzle many individuals.

3 important tools are noteworthy in this aspect; Email/WhatsApp, Google Map and AutoCAD.

These tools are used to establish a stable correspondence in order to get accurate geographic location of the vastu along with its scaled layout and direction orientation. Satellite imaging and scaled floor plan is extremely useful to grid direction and other details.

However, you should bear in mind that you should only contact skilled Online Vastu consultant for such a service, otherwise some error might linger in your vastu.

What is the Procedure to Get Accurate Online Vastu Consultancy?


The procedure of getting Online Vastu consultancy is quite easy to understand and is extremely hassle free. You need to follow these steps to get the same.

  • Share details of your vastu and make payment- once you have made up your mind to get Online Vastu consultancy, book your package and make payment. You should share the following details with the expert-
  1. Scaled floor plan of the vastu
  2. Accurate location of the vastu (via Google Map)
  3. Date of birth of the home owner (for numero vastu evaluation)
  4. Short video of the vastu interiors (for getting furnishing details and color usage)
  5. Nature of specific need, if any (for instance seeking remedy for domestic conflict, financial crisis, persistent illness etc.)
  • Wait for Online Vastu consultant to carry it out- it requires 3-7 working days (depending upon scale and size of the property) to evaluate the vastu                draw meaning conclusion. Expert calibrates all the data using both high end technology and personal knowledge.
  • Go through the vastu report and apply the remedies as suggested- the expert Online Vastu consultant will then offer a comprehensive vastu report for the property that will contain all the necessary details for it. It will contain details of color vastu therapy, furnishing guidelines, techniques such as space surgery technology and so on.
  • Stay in touch with the vastu expert – even after your online vastu consultancy is complete, we at Vaastu Mangaal highly encourage our clients to stay in touch with us. We are eager to form a community of people who spreads the knowledge of vastu shastra to improvise the standard of living. We have our presence in leading social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We highly recommend our clients and people in general to join our community on Youtube channel Vaastu Mangaal where we routinely share useful vastu tips.

In case you have any queries related to Online Vastu consultancy, feel free to chat with Vaastu Mangaal. We will guide you in brief about the entire online vastu

What Vastu Services Comes Under Online Vastu Consultancy?


Any and all vastu property can be considered for online vastu consultancy. Even if there is no building present on the vastu plot as of now, you can still get its vastu done from expert. People from all over the world can seek the same.

In general the following services can be availed under the umbrella of Online Vastu consultancy-

  1. Vastu for owned or rented/ old or new home, flat, apartment, villa (single storied or multi storied)
  2. Vastu for factories,
  3. Vastu for office space and complex,
  4. Vastu for shop,
  5. Vastu for second hand home or office,
  6. Vastu for property site selection,
  7. Vastu guidance for floor plan,
  8. Vastu complaint interior guidelines,

What Are The Advantages of Getting Online Vastu Consultancy?


Online Vastu consultancy is gaining immense popularity in all over India and even abroad. There are multiple factors for this. Let us take a quick glance at it.

  1. It is more economic- people who have tight budget might find it challenging to get advanced onsite vastu package. So, they can consider getting online vastu service instead that offers high end numerology and customized service for its clients.
  2. It is time saving- onsite vastu consultation requires getting free slot that suits both the vastuvid and the client. However, with online vastu service this problem can be resolved quickly.
  • It is Accurate and precise- thanks to the usage of the advanced software, you can rest assure for its accuracy and precision.
  1. It requires no demolition- the remedies offered by Online Vastu consultant will require making no structural alteration of your property. The experts of Vaastu Mangaal focus on offering easy and effective vastu remedies.
  2. It offers complete support- in case you need any additional support or clarifications, the experts of Vaastu Mangaal is always ready to offer you the same. And the best part is that you can get all these perks from the comfort of your home itself.

What Consists of in Vastu Report of Online Vastu Consultancy?


When you get Online Vastu consultancy service from Vaastu Mangaal, we offer a comprehensive report stating all the important details of the property in respect to its vastu. Let us take a quick glance at its inclusive details-

  • Scaled floor plan with geographic direction orientations; primarily the main entrance zone,
  • Colored vastu therapy,
  • Zonal strength chart (for determining positive and negative energy field),
  • Proper interior furnishing as per vastu (for bed, oven, main electronic devices etc),
  • Vastu remedy that are easy and effective to implement,
  • Astrological or Numerological Calculations and Suggestions.
  • Suitable placements of indoor plants and other vastu items,

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Vastu Consultancy


Many people still have several questions and queries related to the Online Vastu consultancy. We have selected few of them in the following section and offered its accurate answers.

[ultimate-faqs include_category='online-vastu-consultancy']

As you can see for yourself, the potential of Online Vastu consultant is huge, especially in this fast paced world. People from all around the world are taking advantage of it, now its your turn.

Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and family, to help them take advantage of it as well. for booking an appointment online at Vaastu Mangaal, get in touch with Online Vastu consultant Pinaki Pal.

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