Mirror positioning according to vastu shastra – A brief understanding.

Proper mirror positioning according to vastu is of crucial importance, but sadly, many people fails to realize the same. Mirrors are considered as powerful tools in vastu shastra. Mirrors have the extraordinary capability to reflect anything that falls upon it.

Every residential space has mirrors installed in them, as it is an important object of everyday life. In fact, you will find most office spaces, keep at least of them in their premises.

Not only it is useful to ensure personal grooming, but it is also very handy to enhance the aesthetics of the interior of the house as well.

Needless to say, interior decorators emphasise on using mirror as well.

Since proper placement according to specific direction of various objects has its significance in the field of vastu shastra, the same of mirrors is important too.

However, sadly, most people pay very little attention to its positioning. Instead they randomly put them in various sections of the house.

So, today let’s understand the various vastu aspects of keeping mirrors in the property, following mirror positioning according to vastu. But first, let’s explore the features of mirrors.

Characteristics of mirrors as per vastu shastra

Mirrors are more than shiny, reflecting surfaces that shows our actual projections. In the domain of vastu shastra, mirrors are vastu items, that influences many aspects of the vastu of the home.

It offers the following advantage to the vastu, if it is placed properly as per vastu rules.

  1. It can double the positive aspects of the vastu.

    For instance, keeping a mirror in front of cash drawers can help amplify the cash inflow. That is precisely, why you can find jewellery shops installing mirrors in vicinity of the cash lockers.

  2. It can create illusion of doubling the space.

    A large mirror placed in a small room gives it the appearance of twice the size of the actual room. This improves its aesthetics and also several aspects of its vastu.

  3. It can create visual extension.

    In some directional orientation, having any cut in any specific corner or direction of the home is considered as a vastu defect. Placing 2 mirrors in the end of such a space creates a visual extension and thereby improvises the vastu of the home.

  4. It can channel positive energy.

    Being a vastu item, it channels, positive energy and fills the surrounding of the home with it. Particularly, if it reflects sunlight, it energizes the entire home.

  5. It can absorb negative energy.

    Apart from imparting positivity, simultaneously, it can also remove the negative energy from the surrounding by absorbing them. It is believed that mirrors soak the negative vibes of the vastu doshas of the surrounding.

Apart from these above-mentioned benefits, mirrors enhance the interior appearance of the house, which improvises the feel good of the occupants. Moreover, when we see our reflection in the mirror, it gives us confidence and positive feeling.

But what makes mirrors so important? Well, mirror is an element of nature, and thus, is considered as an exceptionally effective vastu item.

There are 5 elements of nature namely, fire, air, water, earth and space. Mirror, being reflecting surface, resembles the features of water, and thus, is considered to represent water element.

It projects the characteristics of element water. Now, let’s discuss their placement as per vastu shastra. There are many do’s and don’ts associated with the ideal placement of mirrors. Lets first explore the same with reference to each direction, but before that, let’s take a quick glance at various mirror shapes.

The shape of the mirrors

Mirrors come in many shapes. Usually these are shaped in round, square, rectangular, triangular, and waved. We usually tend to pick the ones randomly that appears more appealing to us. But most vastu shastra consultants advice against it.

Each shape has its set of features and thus, you need to make sure, which ones complement which direction as per vastu shastra.

These days, there is trend of using fragmented or cracked mirrors in the market. These might look exceptional and appears to enhance the room, but it is highly recommended not to use them.

Cracked mirrors, just like broken mirrors considered to add negativity to the vastu, as it casts broken, shattered and fragmented projections of us.

Mirror placement as per all directions

There are primarily 8 directions, that are acknowledged in vastu shastra. These are north, east, west, south and their junctions, i.e. north east, north west, south east and south west. Each direction is associated with one specific element-

  1. North: water
  2. North-East: water
  3. North-West: water
  4. East: air
  5. West: space
  6. South-East: fire
  7. South-West: earth
  8. South: fire

Placing mirror in certain direction is beneficial and doing so in the others can bring adverse effects. The directions which represents water, are considered as best to keep the mirrors in. However, it requires some other considerations as well.

The shape of the mirror plays an important role towards the same. Many a times, the casing of mirror can affect its vastu as well. So, let’s check out mirror positioning according to vastu with respect to each direction, in brief.

North, North-East and North-West: water element

All the 3 zones of north represents the element water, so placing mirror in any of these directions is considered as ideal. Mirrors shaped in round, rectangle and wave is auspicious to use for this direction. Similarly, it is best to avoid square and triangular shaped mirrors.

West zone: space element

Since west represent the element space, placing mirrors in this zone is considered as auspicious as well. Make sure to install round or square shaped mirrors and avoid triangular, rectangular or waved shape mirror.

East Zone: air element

As east direction represents the element air, it causes no off-balance with mirrors and is considered as ideal to place in. For this direction, using rectangular or waved shape mirrors are best from the perspective of vastu shastra. Similarly, avoid using round, square and triangular shaped mirrors.

South-East and South zone: fire element

Since the elements fire and water counteracts each other, it is highly advised to install mirrors in either of these 2 directions. If there is no alternative, then you can consider using a rectangular mirror with brown casing border to reduce its ill-effects.

If placed randomly, particularly in this direction, it can bring severe consequences in the form of accidental injuries, financial struggles and increasing debts.

Thus, it is very crucial to seek guidance for mirror positioning according to vastu, for this direction.

South-west: earth element

As south west represents earth, and earth absorbed water; placing mirror in this direction can soak up all the positivities of the mirror. As a result, it brings many hardships in life.

They can come in the form of domestic conflict, strain in personal relationships, hindrance in prosperous opportunity and disturbance in stability.

Thus, it is best to avoid this zone altogether. But, if it is unavoidable, then go for a square mirror with yellow colored border. But, always consultant vastu expert to be on the safe side.

A special tip for all 3 south zones

As stated earlier, it can be seen that placing mirrors in the south zone brings negativity. However, sometimes, you cannot avoid using a mirror in this direction, if you have a living room, or wash basin. For such a scenario, vastu experts offer an extra special tip.

For mirror that are kept in any of the three zones of south, you can put some cover (curtain or veil) over the mirror, when it is not in use. By keeping the mirror hidden, you can make sure it, does not spread negative energy, or absorb the positive vibes.

Importance of determining the actual direction

While discussing mirror positioning according to vastu, you need to be extra careful to determine the actual direction. Failing to do so can trigger vastu defect, which in turn, can cause severe ill-effects.

You need to consider the overall direction of the home, instead of the same for just any particular room. For instance, let’s say for a north facing home, the bedroom is placed in the south-east corner.

So, if you are placing a mirror in the northern wall of the bedroom, assuming north to be a prosperous direction; in reality you are actually triggering a vastu home. In such a circumstance, it is best to avoid placing any mirror in the bedroom altogether, as the entire bedroom comes under the south east zone.

Seeking a vastu consultant’s advice for the same is highly crucial.

Scope of placement of mirrors in various sections of the home

Mirrors can be placed in multiple sections of the room. Each portion of the house specify something special. So, its placement in each section requires specific guidelines from the vastu shastra experts.

1. Mirror in bedrooms

Usually, having a mirror in the master bedroom seems like a compulsory for every household. It is most commonly placed either in one wall, or on some cabinet or dressing table. It comes handy when you get ready for work or use it for grooming.

You can also keep a mirror in the guest room for their comfort and need. However, try not to keep a mirror in children’s room, as it can cause distraction for them, during studying.

Try to position the mirror in such a way that it does not cast reflection of the bed. If it does, use a curtain or veil to cover it, when not in use.

2. Mirror in bathroom

It can use a mirror in bathroom, to make it look more spacious. It can also illuminate the bathroom brightly, if you place it respect to the light source. But make sure not to place it in an orientation, so it reflects the toilet seat. Doing so can increase the bed energy inside the bathroom instead.

3. Mirror on top of the wash basin

This is the most common place of mirror in every home. Even if you don’t have space for the same in the rest of the house, you certainly need to have one on top of the wash basin. You only need to make sure it is placed with reference to the ideal direction.

However, make sure to clean this mirror regularly, as water splashes often make them dirty, quite frequently. Dirty mirrors can bring many negativities for the vastu of the home.

4. Mirror in living room

Mirrors can be placed in living room for adding elegance to the appearance of the same. You can channel the sunlight to fill up the entire area, thereby spreading the energy of sun. Only follow the general direction guidelines for the same.

While implementing the mirror positioning according to vastu, remember that placing mirrors near the staircase, or main entrance is considered as bad as per vastu. Also, placing mirrors in kitchen is a big no as per vastu shastra.

FAQs related to mirror positioning according to vastu shastra experts

There are many rules that we need to follow when it comes to placement of mirrors in home. let’s take a look at some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions about mirror placement in the home and their factual answers as per vastu shastra experts.

when the mirrors are not being used, it is best advised to keep them covered with some curtain or veil.

Category: Mirror positioning

Placing mirrors near the main entrance is highly advised against. Similarly, placement of mirror in kitchen is considered as unwise as well. These can bring unwanted complications.

Category: Mirror positioning

North, as it also represents the water element. It makes the perfect balance and brings the most benefits of the same.

Category: Mirror positioning

If your living room is placed in the suitable direction, as per mirror placement, then try to place it in such a way that it reflects positivity. It can be an indoor plant, window, sunlight exposure etc.

Category: Mirror positioning

Ans – No, usually placing mirror in the southern zones is advised against. It is applicable for all 3 south zones- actual south, south-west and south-east.

Category: Mirror positioning

So, as you can see, there are several vastu rules, associated with the mirror positioning according to vastu. If it is placed as per the vastu rules, it brings, postivities and good fortune. Also, failing to do so, can bring many complications.

It is best to consider seeking advice for the same from an expert vastu consultant. At Vaastu Mangaal, we offer more such useful and effective vastu tips and guidelines for ideal mirror positioning according to vastu shastra. Contact us for more information.

Description- Mirrors are considered as powerful tools in vastu shastra. Let’s see the role of proper mirror positioning according to vastu shastra, in details.



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