Money Plant Vastu : Importance of Money Plant and Why it is Needed.

Money plants are the most common indoor plant for vastu, that we find in both workplace as well as residential space around us.

This plant’s scientific name is Epipremnum aureum and it is also known as the devil’s ivy and golden pothos in some subcontinents, however the most common name of it is the money plant as its growth has been associated to gaining money.

As children the first impression most of us get upon hearing the term ‘money plant’ was a plant that had money instead of leaves.

Of course, that is not possible to grow money on plants, and the name of this plant is given so, as the leaves are plumy and round, which kind of resembles like coins.

However, with proper money plants placement as per vastu can in fact help you gain wealth immensely.

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Apart from adding aesthetics to its surroundings with its shiny oval/heart shaped leaves, money plants are considered lucky for this bringing wealth.

That is why more and more people are purchasing and growing money plants.

The number has increased sharply in the past decade due to the reconditions of both vastu experts and interior home decors.

As of now, the most widely growing indoors plants are money plants, small bamboo plants and jade plants.

Let’s understand its importance and list out the reasons why every home needs to have at least one money plant.

With increase in advanced technology around us, the level of intoxication had also increased alarmingly since the past few decades.

We stay exposed to the harmful radiation of our electronic equipment from dusk to dawn.

The air we breathe has high concentration of pollutants, the water we consumed must be filtered in order to make it safe for our health.

Our food items are highly processed, our drinks are loaded with preservatives, our skin care products are made with chemical components and so on.

Thus, we can clearly see that we are surrounded by the elements of artificial origin and rarely we have any interaction with anything natural or pure.

So, keeping an indoor plant comes handy in our everyday life. And what could be better than having a money plant in the bedroom or living room.

Now, let’s list out some of the benefits money plants offer, one by one-


  1. Money plants act as natural air purifier as they filter the toxins out of the air and makes it breathable.
  2. It absorbs and neutralised the harmful radiation of the electronic gadgets around us such as cell phones, wi-fi dvices, microwave oven etc.
  3. Money plants promotes air circulation and produces breathable oxygen.
  4. It neutralizes harmful gases that are produced in home or workplace spaces.
  5. Money plants adds the element of nature inside the room and enhance its aesthetics.
  6. The color green helps deal with stress and help attain tranquillity.
  7. If money plant is kept in bedroom, it can help sleep better and fight anxiety.
  8. Money plant brings growth and wealth with proper placement as per vastu.
  9. It requires very little maintenance and grows profoundly on its own.
  10. Money plant channels positive energies around it and helps remove the negative ones.

It is a great option for growing them on your own and also as a gifting option for your friends, family or colleagues. In fact, it is considered as one of the best gifting items from both perspective of vastu and feng shui.


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Ideal money plant directions as per vastu

Placement as per direction plays an important role in vastu and placing the money plant is no exception.

So utmost care is required to pick the right direction to plant it. Proper placement can ensure that the good energies are channeled properly.

As each direction signifies some special attributes, lets understand the placement of money plant in each of them, from the perspective of vastu shastra.

Money plant in South East Direction

As per vastu experts, south is the direction of goddess Lakshmi, who bless us with wealth and prosperity.

Thus, it is the most ideal direction for planting money plant. South is also ruled by planet Venus, who represents beauty and looks.

So, money plant will bring elements of aesthesis along with wealth for you. moreover, south represents fame and recognition.

So, it will improve financial aspects along with uplifting your reputation.

Money Plant for south Direction

Even though south is undoubtedly the best direction for money plant placement as per vastu, avoid placing it in south-west corner, as it might cause hindrance for you. Place it in the south east corner to make it most effective.

And instead of putting the plant in the bottle, root it in soil in a red/brown case.

Money Plant in North Direction

Money Plant for north Direction

As north is the ruled by Kuber, the god of wealth, this is a very auspicious direction for planting a money plant.

This ensures you gain wealth and prosperity in career and business.

But it is important to note that you need to plant the money plant in blue bottle or vase in order to extract the benefit of the same.

also, avoid using red or yellow bottle/vase because it can cause hindrance gaining money.

Money Plant in East Direction

Money Plant for East Direction

Money plant can be planted in east direction as well. It is particularly helpful for people whose career or business involves mingling and interacting with people.

This placement will help you expand your social circle and make contacts with influential people around you.

In this direction, consider using a green bottle or vase.

Money plant in West Direction

It is best to avoid planting a money plant in the West direction, as it not as much effective as the other direction.

But if there is no other alternative, grow your money plant inside a blue colored water bottle.

No matter in which recommended direction, make sure that the vines does not grow to spread its leaves on the floor.

Instead, tie ropes/ threads or place climbers so that the plant to grown vertically upwards.

These are the general guidelines regarding planting the money plant. However, it is best to consult your vastu expert while planting and placing them indoors.

They can direct you to a direction that will be most productive for you, by analysing your space and your particular requirements.

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Let us go through some of the most common question and their correct answer associated with money plant


Yes, like any other plants, money plants need sunlight as well to complete photosynthesis. However, money plants are shade loving in nature meaning they are not to be put in direct sunlight. You can keep them in a place that offers indirect sunlight for a few hours. After that you can bring them back to shade. As leaves of money plants are tender, they can suffer severe damage if left exposed to direct sunlight.

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Growing money plants might be easy, but it requires some care to grow it into a healthy plant. Some helpful tips for the same are as follows-

  1. Change the water at least once every week.
  2. Money plant grows tremendously. Trim it regularly to control its growth.
  • Keep adequate water level in the glass jar.
  1. Place the money plant near a window/ balcony so that it can get sunlight.
  2. But do not keep the plant in direct sunlight as too much heat can damage the leaves. Always place it somewhere it can receive indirect sunlight.
  3. If the plant is placed in the room with AC, mist the plant routinely because too
    1. much cool air can make it dry.
    • Use only tap or potable water, as water with chlorine/fluorine man damage the plant
    • Avoid adding any fertilizers or pesticides to the plant.
    1. Keep a scissor to trim of withered leaves to remove negative energy and keep the plant healthy.
    2. You can trim your plant in a desired shape by trimming it regularly.

    You don’t need to have experts’ skills of gardening to grow money plant. But, make sure to follow the above said tips to make a healthy plant.

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It can be grown pretty much anywhere, with very little efforts. All you need is some stem cutting with roots and it can be grown easily in either soil or water (i.e in both vase and water bottle).

As already discussed, money plants are easy to grow indoors, lets take a look at how you can grow your money plant. Money plants can be grown in both water as well as soil. The easiest way to grow them is in water. You need to cut a stem of length around 10-15 inches from a healthy money plant. Cut in such a way that that the root sticks out from below the node. Clean the stem to get rid of any dirt and place it directly in a glass water bottle. At least one node should be submerged inside the water all time. This will help the nodes to grow further and spread.

If you are rather busy with your everyday schedule, you can also get saplings or small plants from your local nursery or online store. You can directly plant them in soil and water them regularly. But use a large pot to keep adequate space for the roots to grow with time. Remember that money plants are climbers, so no matter where you are growing them, as the plant starts to grow and sprout leaves, add some support like threat to help the plant climb. Don’t forget to place it near a window to help get it some sunlight.

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As per vastu experts, money plants are ideal for both residential and workspace. It is exceptionally good for planting indoors. You can keep them in almost any room or corner of the house. Let it be desks, window slabs, balcony shades, bedroom, kitchen or even inside bathroom (if you have plenty of space for it), a money plant goes anywhere.

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As per vastu the direction of the money plant plays a major role in it. In general, north and south direction are best to keep a money plant. But east is a good direction for it as well. However, try to avoid west if possible. It is best to consult a vastu expert to sort out the best direction to place the plant. They can also give you additional tips to make them flourish and get the best out it.

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Placement of money plant in the house

The scope of placing a money plant in the house is quite high. It can be planted effectively at various places. Let’s have a quick look the effects of placing a money plant in various rooms of the house:

Money Plant in Bedroom

Money plants are excellent choice if you want to add some green elements in your bedroom. Just keep in mind the direction of the bedroom and place the plant accordingly. It offers the following benefits for the occupants-

  1. Money plants helps to battle stress and calm the mind.
  2. It is great option for people who suffers from hypertension and sleeplessness.


Money plant in Bedroom


  • Money plant can boost your mood, promotes creativity and enthusiasm and enhance overall productivity.
  1. It helps soothe the eyes and neutralizes stress that builds due to long hours usage of mobile and laptop etc.
  2. It helps overcome lethargy, dullness and fatigue.
  3. Removes toxins and balance it with oxygen inside the room.

Go for planting a money plant if your bedroom is in north, south, south-east, or east direction.

However, if it is in west or south west corner, consult a vastu expert first for more detailed guidelines.

Avoid placing the plant right adjutant to the bed. Keep at least 5 feet gap between them.

This distance ensure that the carbon dioxide released from the plant (only during night) does not disturb your sleep cycle.

Take proper care if your bedroom is installed with AC. Mist it out regularly for a couple of hours.

Also keep it under indirect sunlight for a couple of hours daily.

Money plant in Kitchen

Money plant in Kitchen

A tiny sapling of money plant in kitchen is quite beneficial for you. but you need to evaluate the correct direction for the same, way more seriously as compared to that of placement in the bedroom.

It is due to the fact that kitchen already houses a crucial element, the fire and plant represents life along with earth and water and air.

Thus it is important that these elements are set with proper balance and care. If done properly, it helps overcome the negative energy of the kitchen that comes out of the gas burner.

However, don’t place too close to the burner, and just like with bedroom, 4-5 feet distance between them.

In fact, it is best to keep the plant near the kitchen window.

Money plant in bathroom

Money plant in Bathroom

A little greenery in the bathroom is always an excellent idea. It can absorb the negative energy that builds in the bathroom and nearby area.

Also, it is much soothing to the eyes and can uplift your mood. So, if the bathroom has a little extra space and compliant as per direction, keep a plant.

And a money plant is the best option for bathroom as it can withstand the warm and humid condition of the bathroom.

Apart from it, it can be placed in a balcony shade, or living room or on the main door entrance as well.

If you have a library or office or children’s desk in your home, adding a hint of greenery on it is a great idea.

It enhances mood and helps focus on it. Just check its direction of placement and you are good to go.

Make sure you pay proper attention to it with respect to vastu to channel positive energy, have monetary benefits as well as getting prosperity.

As per vastu shastra, money plants bring abundance of wealth for the occupants if it is placed in the home in the right direction.

It helps to direct money inflow and controls excessive cash outflow by mitigating useless expenses.

However, it should be noted that gaining wealth does not refer to getting a lucky number in lottery or so, after planning a money plant.

It is a medium to channel the positivity around you. you need to remember that wealth comes in many forms.

Getting a lucrative job offer or incentive, cracking new deals, getting promising opportunities, business expansion, good reputation among peers, etc all brings excellent opportunities to bag wealth.

So, get a money plant and place it in the proper place and see it do wonders for your professional and personal lives.

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