South facing house vastu – is it good or bad for its occupants

South Facing House vastu

South facing house is considered as a second option for people who are looking forward to purchase a home for themselves. The suspicions and myths that surrounds it, is what arises these doubts. Today, we will learn the actual facts and features associate with south facing house vastu from eminent vastu expert Mr Pinaki Pal.

Since the past couple of decades, South facing houses has got very bad reputation and negative popularity among most people. Many of them believe every South facing house vastu to be inauspicious, but it is nothing but a huge misconception. There is no bad direction in vastu. It all depends of lots of rules and how they are implemented. So, if vastu rules are followed properly, even a South facing house vastu can bring prosperity and be auspicious for the occupants. Hence, if you considering getting a plot with south facing, this blog is just for you.

In vastu, each direction is associated with some deity and element and its correct alignment can help bring positive influence in our lives and failing to do so can bring severe consequences. We have already covered the significance of north facing vastu is our previous article. Often people get confused while estimating the directional facing of their property, so, let us begin by understanding the same and a few other aspects.

What is implied by a south facing house vastu

The direction in which you face while stepping out of your house through the main door is the direction of your house. So, if you face south while doing so, you reside in a south facing house vastu. It goes the same for the other directions as well.

What are some most common myths associated with south facing house vastu

There are several myths that are prevalent among people when it comes to a south facing house vastu. Some of these are Ill-fates, misfortune, Illness, disabilities and Financial losses.

As you can see, these are some severe troubles, so many people avoid south facing house vastu at all costs. However, most of these are circulated among people solely due to improper knowledge and lack of expert guidance. Thus, it is crucial to seek advice of a vastu expert before purchasing any property, as they can guide you properly towards making sure that the property is perfectly compliant as per vastu rules.

Benefits of having a south facing house vastu as per experts

After taking a look at the myths, it’s time to know the benefits associated with south facing house vastu.

Despite the common myths, having a southern facing house can be exceptionally beneficial to some people, if the entrance is placed in the 3 padas (we will discuss this later in below section). Business owners can be suitable for such a property, but individuals involved in offering services are highly recommended for it. It is also very powerful source of success and prosperity, if a south facing building is considered as an industrial office or workplace. That is the reason why, many a time, such individuals are advised for a south facing house vastu, instead the other directional facing.

The other biggest benefit you get is the adequate amount of sunlight into your house. As sun is the prime source of energy for us, it fills our home with positive vibes and feelings. Moreover, the natural daylight enhances the mood of the occupants also significantly reduce the dependency on the artificial lighting. It also is a rich source of vitamin D and its exposure for a couple of hours is beneficial for the health, but be caution not to get exposed by it for a very long time or else it might cause skin irritation or sun burn.

For colder climate locations, getting south facing house vastu is an add-on feature for the property purchasing, as the sunlight for most of the day offers natural heating in the house. Similarly, for warmer climate locations, this should be avoided, or at least should have adequate shades around the house. However, these days, with immense use of AC and air cooler, this offers no big inconvenience.

Who are most suitable for buying a south facing house vastu?

South facing house vastu are not for every individual. So, before making any purchase deal, it is important to evaluate the competence of the occupants with respect to the vastu. The needs of the occupants, along with their profession and/or their zodiac signs are quite crucial as well.

Planet Mars rules the south direction, so, people involved in real estate and health industry are ideal for such a property. As south direction is related with fame and popularity, it is also ideal for people from showbiz industry. Moreover, as south directions relates to element fire, it is also perfect for people associated with offering protection and security. People associated with administrative services are suitable for such properties.

Thus, people from the following industries/profession can for go for south facing property-

South Facing House  

Apart from professions, astrology also is crucial for an overall role in suitability of a property. People with the following zodiac signs are well suited for a south facing house vastu-

  • Vrishabha or Tauraus
  • Kanya or Virgo
  • Makar or Capricon

Fulfilling only these criterions is not enough for purchasing such a property. You need a vastu expert for it as well.

Placement Vastu rules to follow while getting a South facing house vastu

Let’s proceed to understand the key rules regarding the placement of various rooms and main door that you should stick to while getting a south facing house vastu.

Placement of the main entrance for south facing house vastu

Main entrance is the threshold of any home and its direction plays an important rule. Due to its complex nature, many vastu advisors recommends to avoid it altogether. But you need an expert to make the best out of south facing house vastu. Their advice on the placement of the main entrance can help you, the occupants of the house, get wealth and prosperity.

As per traditional Vastu scriptures there are certain energy fields in the south in which the entrance can be placed for better effects. For this, we need to understand some detailed aspects of vastu. There are 8 steps in the south side of a house, which are known as padas in vastu. Each of these have its own specifications and importance. From west to east (from left to right), these are called- Mrigah, Bhringraj, Gandharva, Vama, Grihakshat, Vitath, Pusha and Anil. Refer to the following image for more understanding.

  south facing house vastu  

The ideal locations for the placement of the main entrance in a south facing house are Pusha, Vitatha and Grihakshat, which can help bring wealth, good health and prosperity.

Apart from these 3, all the other 5 padas are extremely inauspicious. These can get you under huge debts and lead towards financial losses. In some cases, it can also lead to serious health troubles. As per vastu experts, main entrance on any of these remaining padas is a big no, and should be avoided completely.

So, it is crucial to consult an expert vastu consultant to guide you choose the right placement for the main entrance.

Placement of underground water reservoir and septic tank and bathroom for south facing house vastu

All of these 3 spaces represent water element and build water force around them. Usually it is considered as natural to place the underground water tank right in the front of the house. This is particularly good for a north facing house as well. But this could be a disaster for a south facing house.

For a south facing house vastu, you have to ensure that no underground structure (let it be a tank or reservoir or septic tank or water outlet) is placed in front of the house. The southern part of the house should not hold any element of water storage. It can lead to heavy financial losses. It can also result in court cases and litigation and can take a toll on you, particularly if you have a business of your own. Apart from that, it can also cause some serious health issues of digestive and reproductive organs, and needless to say, affect the mostly the female members in the house.

Placing the bathroom in the north west side is most recommended for such a property. Moreover, underground water resource in the south side, and south-east or south-west corners are strictly not advised. Similarly, it is important to consider the placement of the septic tank as well. Its suitable location is in the South of South West corner (SSW).

Apart from these, take note, to completely avoid a south facing house if there are any road crossing or a T-junction towards the south-west of the vastu. The below image will make it clear:

Considering colors, and structure for a south facing house vastu

Colors play an important role in the Vastu of any home. There are certain color rule that you should consider while painting various rooms of the house as each room represent some important aspect of everyday life. Any unwise or random choice can lead to vastu imbalance in the house. However, the coloring of the front face of the home, which is also known as the façade, is most crucial. So, practice caution while choosing colors for the same. Go for lighter colors, such as light shades of red and orange/ but avoid black, grey or eve blue, for the façade of the house.

For a south facing house vastu, determining the ideal height and width of the boundary walls is very important as well. Make sure that the south walls are slightly higher than that of the ones in the north and the east sides. Moreover, ensure that the walls in the south is slightly thicker as compared to the ones in the north. This will also ensure that your house don’t get overheat due to long exposure of the sunlight, as thick walls will effectively absorb extra heat. You don’t need to make any big disproportion while make the walls taller or thicker, as it might make it look odd or a result of like a poor design. Only a slight but significant variation is all you need to make it perfectly vastu compliant.

Slopes of the south facing house vastu

As per Vastu experts, the slope of any house or vastu must always be inclined towards the North, East or North East of the plot. For this, you should ensure that the vastu is higher on the south side and lower towards the north/ east. The opposite scenario might bring many unwanted complications, such as poor health and financial struggles. This is a common and general rule for any type of vastu, irrespective of its directional orientation.

Placement of the bedroom in a south facing house vastu

The ideal placement for bedrooms are in the North and East for a south facing house vastu. A bedroom in the north side can be considered as the master bedroom. Try to keep the headboard of the beds aligned in the South that can promote sleep per Vastu. Apart from it, you can place the living room across the South, South West and West directions.

Placement of the kitchen in a south facing house vastu

Kitchen is a sacred place as we prepare our food in it and food gives us strength to perform our daily work. Thus, its placement is very critical for every home, including a south facing house vastu. It is a common belief that north east is the best direction for a kitchen, as it is the zone of water element.

But it changes as per orientation of the house. Go for south east direction if you have a south facing property. It makes perfect balance of the elements fire and water; and brings health and prosperity for its occupants. If that is not feasible, go for north west corner.

With so many vastu guidelines, often it looks like a challenge to create a house that follows them all. However, with some efforts, you will definitely get a perfect plan for the same.

Proposed south facing vastu design

Based on the plot shape and size many vastu complaint floor plans can be designed for south facing home. We offer a standard south facing vastu plan for such a property.

South Facing House    

So, in brief, we have covered the placement of all the important rooms in accordance to a south facing plot. Now, let’s list out some of the most crucial Do’s and Don’ts for you, if you are making a south facing house vastu.

10 Do’s of the south facing house vastu plan

  1. Place the main door in the 3rd or 4th pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat for south facing home.
  2. Place the bedroom in either north or East direction.
  3. Ensure that the plot of the slope inclined from the south to North (if the plot is inclined)
  4. Place the kitchen in South East corner followed by North West.
  5. Ensure that the plot of the slope inclined from the south to North (if the plot is inclined)
  6. Place the pooja room in North-East
  7. Design a garden but only in South East or South side.
  8. Place the staircase in the South, West or South West directions only.
  9. Ensure the walls on the South are higher and thicker than walls of north.
  10. Place the septic tank in West of North West (WNW) or the South of South West (SSW).
  11. Pick the colors for the façade carefully. Go for red and orange for it.

10 Don’ts of the south facing house vastu plan

  1. Avoid South West corner for main entrance.
  2. Avoid painting the facade of the home in black or blue or grey colors.
  3. Particularly avoid any underground water reservoir in the front side of a south facing plot.
  4. Strictly avoid placing a kitchen in South West corner
  5. Ensure there is no cross road or T-junction in front of a south facing plot.
  6. Avoid random placement of mirrors in a south facing house.
  7. Avoid placing a garden in the South west corner.
  8. Particularly a plot that slopes from North to South.
  9. Avoid placing the kitchen in South-West.
  10. Avoid placing the parking lot in South direction.

So, let’s go through some of the most common FAQs and its precise answers regarding this topic, before wrapping up this article-

As you can see, despite the myths, south facing house can be lucky for many people. It can lead to prosperity and financial gain. However, these are only general rules, you cannot get one south facing property solely based on such factors. Thus, you need to consult a vastu expert for further assistance to ensure that the principles of vatsu holds correctly. With their help, you can turn an ordinary plot into your dream home.

For a complete vastu analysis of your property, get in touch with our expert vastu expert, Mr. Pinaki Pal. For more information on vastu for home, for industry, for factory or for numerology consultation, get in touch with Vaastu Mangaal.

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