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Why should mirrors be covered at night?

when the mirrors are not being used, it is best advised to keep them covered with some curtain or veil.

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Where should you not hang a mirror?

Placing mirrors near the main entrance is highly advised against. Similarly, placement of mirror in kitchen is considered as unwise as well. These can bring unwanted complications.

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What is the best direction to put the mirror on?

North, as it also represents the water element. It makes the perfect balance and brings the most benefits of the same.

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Where should you place a mirror in living room?

If your living room is placed in the suitable direction, as per mirror placement, then try to place it in such a way that it reflects positivity. It can be an indoor plant, window, sunlight exposure etc.

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Can mirror be placed on southern walls?

Ans - No, usually placing mirror in the southern zones is advised against. It is applicable for all 3 south zones- actual south, south-west and south-east.

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