North East Vastu Dosh & Remedies as per best vastu consultants.

Do you live in a North East Vastu Defect (Dosh)? Are you aware of the potential this directional facing offers you or about the vastu defects that can bring ill-effects for you and your family?

It is time to illuminate your knowledge about this particular aspect of vastu in details!

According to vastu shastra, all the directions are important and has some significance of its own. Today, we are going to explore one particular direction, namely the north east vastu, its defects and remedies, in details.

So, stay with us and learn it yourself with the help of expert consultants.

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Though we primarily consider 4 main directions (North, South, East and West) for our day to day reference, there are 8 prime directions that are acknowledged by vastu consultants while discussing various aspects of vastu.

Apart from the 4 we mentioned already, there are north east, north west, south east and south west. Each of these directions are also equally important while analysing the vastu doshas and finding its remedies.

Today, we are going to explore the direction north east for the aspects like significance, vastu doshas and vastu remedies to deal with these. So, let is begin.

What is meant by north east vastu?

By now, you already are aware that the direction we face while stepping out of our home through the main door is the directional facing of that house. So, you can easily understand what is implied by having a north facing vastu and an east facing vastu.

But how to find if you have a north east facing vastu? It is quite simple. Many a time, you will not find a vastu that directly points to any 4 prime directions, but points to either of the intersecting directions.

For you to have a north east facing vastu, you face this intersection while stepping out of the house through the main door.

Significance of the north east direction

Though each direction has its significance, north east direction is considered to be exceptionally auspicious, as it is the direction of the god. As lord Shiva resides in this direction, it also known as the Ishanya corner (Ishan is another name of lord Shiva).

For this reason, north east direction finds huge importance in ancient, Hindu texts as well. In this direction, you get most positive, progressive and powerful energies. If you channel them properly, you will be able to have good health, abundant wealth, prosperity.

Moreover, Jupiter is the ruling planet of the north east direction. So, it represents good fortunes, growth, expansion. For these reasons, north east direction always has been regarded as a prime direction while analysing vastu for any home or plot.

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North east vastu doshas and their consequences

Even though there are so many positivities associated with north east, there might be some underlying doshas which can disrupt the positive energy and creates disturbances. If left unfixed, these will ultimately cause troubles, worries and misfortune.

So, let’s take a look at some of the vastu doshas associated with north east direction-


north east vastu



The above-mentioned are the most common vastu defects which you will find in a north east vastu, home or apartment.

Please note that these are specific only for the north east vastus, these arrangements in some other directional vastu might be recommended by vastu experts as well. They best to determine the same is by consulting a vastu expert while buying or building a home.

Having one or more of these internal placements of the home can bring sever complications. The following are some of the consequences that you many come across.

  1. Financial problems- let it be excessive spending, hindrance in cash in-flow, or simply difficulty in making enough money; you are likely to have some or the other form of financial issues.

You can face failure to get or pay for loan, get indebted or even get bankrupted in long run.

  1. Family issue- having domestic fights, arguments, misunderstanding, etc can becomes very common. It might cause severe disturbance in mental well-being of the entire family. In case of spouses, it might end up in separation, or even divorce.

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  1. Health problems- troubles related to the head like migraine, making poor judgement, confusion, depression, poor vision etc can trigger. Also, having stroke, head injury, mental illness, kidney related issues can arise in the family.

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Please note that these illness and issues can happen to anyone, but having underlying vastu doshas, uplifts the chance of these, significantly. It makes the highly prone to have one or more of these ill-effects.

These issues will keep on happening again and again, until you fix the vastu doshas or reduce its ill-effect with effective vatu remedies.

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Best placement for the north east vastu

As already explained, there are many placements that are advised to avoid in such a vastu, especially in the north east corner of the house. So, you might be wondering that if placing bathroom, kitchen, staircase, bedroom etc brings vastu doshas, what rooms can be placed instead?

Well, for best result, try to have the puja room in this corner. As this is the direction of the god, having the temple will channel the godly energy more prominently.

Also, you can consider having the living room or study in this zone. As we carry out our job-related work in these sections of the home, from time to time, it will bring creativity and analytical thinking while doing so.

Remedies for vastu doshas in north east home

You are now aware of the vastu doshas of north east home and its consequences. Needless to say. You must correct them as soon as possible.

If you are building your home, then you can easily make it happen, by revaluating your floor plan. This is why it is highly recommended to seek advice of vastu experts before finalizing the floor plan of any property.

But not everyone can build their own home from the scratch. So, what about the individuals, who already purchased such a house or a flat or live in an ancestral home.

You simply cannot just make structural demolition in it. So, how can you fix your vastu doshas? Simple, expert vastu consultants offer useful remedies that involves balancing the vastu elements with simple things.

1. Toilet in North East

Having a bathroom or toilet is the worse vastu dosha of a north east vastu. Building up negative water energy in the house of deity is highly inauspicious. To negate the ill-effects-

  1. Place Elixer
  2. Fill up a bowl with sea salt and place it in the North East Toilet and change the salt at least once a week.
  3. Keep an indoor plant such as spider plant or money plant, which can absorb significant amount of negative energy.
  4. Always keep the toilet fresh by keeping an indoor plant or spraying air freshener.
  5. If you have 2 bathrooms, use the toilet in North East corner only for bathing.

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2. Kitchen in North East

Kitchen is where we prepare our daily meals. It is crucial to keep it vastu perfect to safeguard our nutrition and health. Having vastu dosh in this section can lead to severe health issues. To negate these effects, follow the following remedies-

  1. Place Yellow Jaisalmer Marble Under gas stove.
  2. Fill up a bowl with sea salt and place it in the North East Toilet and change the salt at least once a week.
  3. Place a “Elixer”

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3. Overhead Water tank in North East

Overhead water tank represents Earth element of the house. To negate its ill-effects due to wrong placement, follow-


  1. Paint the water tank in Blue color.
  2. Move it the tank in the South West zone.


4. Staircase in North East

Staircase connects the ground floor to the ones above or to the roof and has its own importance. To remove its ill-effects, try-



5. Septic Tank in North East

Septic tank, just like the bathroom, builds negative water energy. To remove its ill-effects, try-

  1. Paint the septic tank in Blue color.
  2. Move it away from this corner as soon as possible.
  3. Place a “Elixer”


6. Cut in North East

Having a cut or sharp edge in the north east can be fixed with following remedies-

  1. Put a  pyramid in North East Vastu Zone.
  2. Place One mirror On North East outer wall, This way an illusion of extension of North East corner is created.
  3. Place a “Elixer”

These are some simple remedies that can fix your north east vastu doshas quite effectively. But it is crucial to remember that these vastu remedies only reduce the ill-effects of vastu doshas significantly, and not remove the defect itself.

In simple terms, let’s say, you are walking in broad daylight, the sun is intense and you are feeling the burn in your skin. With an umbrella or hat, you are only shielding yourself from the harmful rays of the sunlight, but you cannot make the sun go away.

Few more vatsu tips for north east vastu

We have already shared the list of vastu doshas and its possible remedies. Before wrapping up the same let’s take a look at some most useful tips for the north east facing home.

  1. Never keep any hindrance in the north east corner such as bulky furniture, shoe rack etc. keep the space free so that energy can flow freely.
  2. Always keep this side of the house clean and free of any junk stuff, like cutter etc. It is always recommended to keep the entire house clean.
  • Try to keep this zone free of any repair or construction works.
  1. Keep puja room in this zone to channel godly energy in the home.
  2. Use vastu items like vastu pyramids, god’s idols, indoor plants, mirrors and suitable paint colors to negate the ill-effects of vastu doshas.

The vastu doshas of north east facing homes must be fixed at the earliest. Living with these vastu doshas can lead to severe issues for you and your family. Even though the remedies work very efficiently for most property, it is highly advised to seek vastu consultation, before randomly placing vastu items.

A vastu expert will guide you with these and many more aspects, after analysing your property. At Vaastu Mangaal, you will get useful vastu guidelines, and vastu remedies, which you can implement with ease. Feel free to get in touch with us for query related with any aspect for vastu of any property. Let it be vastu for home, vastu for office, numerology, vastu astro or more, make Vaastu Mangaal your one stop destination.  (link the contact us page to the this)

Share this blog about north east vastu doshas and its remedies with your friends and family, to help them get remove the ill-effects of the vastu doshas. Also, it will enhance their knowledge regarding the same. for more information, get in touch with our vastu expert.

Description- Vastu doshas of north east facing homes must be fixed at the earliest, else it can lead to severe issues for you and your family. Read north east vastu doshas and its remedies in details.



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