Vastu for Home- Vastu Guidelines for Your House

We all desire to make a dream home of our own, where we can live happily with our loved ones. While property agents take care of your desired location and facilities around the home, they pay little or no attention to the vastu for house. This can be grievous mistake, as the Vastu for home is a crucial aspect that determine the quality of life for its occupants. Let’s understand how.

We always receive energies from the cosmic world. It comprises of both good and bad energies. Good vastu for home can ensure that you channel positive vibrations and remove the negative ones.

Similarly, underlying bad vastu for house can bring unhappiness in terms of poor health, domestic conflict, financial struggles and career related failures etc.

Needless to say, ensuring best vastu for home is an imminent need for every house owner.

It is quite natural for common people to fall in prey to lucrative advertisements and pick a property with bad vastu. Today, we offer some tips for you to check out. Follow these tips to make sure that vastu for home is compliant as per vastu shastra.

Directional Facing of the Home

Energies enters the home through the main entrance primarily. The most common and most important factor to check out about any property is the directional facing of the home. It is the direction in which you face while stepping out through the main entrance. This determines the vastu for house, up to a great extent.

Though each direction has its unique set of features, the north, east and north east zones are considered as most auspicious. Also make sure that the main door is single-framed, opens inwards and is larger and more prominent than any other door in the house, for good vastu for house.

Moreover, ensure that the entrance is well-lit to attract good energies. Avoid putting garbage bags, bulky furniture, broken objects etc right in front of the main door to ensure good vastu for house.

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Proper Placement of the Rooms

The internal Placement of the various rooms come next to ensure good vastu for home. Let’s take a look at ideal positioning of each room.

Placement of Puja Room

Every home, irrespective of the faith they follow, should have a separate section for offering prayer. The best direction to do so, is north-east to ensure best vastu for house. It is the zone of lord Shiva and thus represents divinity. Praying in this zone can help you connect to the godly energy.

This arrangement is advised for all home, irrespective of its directional facing. The second-best option for the puja room in the west zone.

In case you don’t have any separate room for prayer, you can locate the living room in north east corner and place god’s idol on a stand on the north eastern wall.

Placement of Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is place that represent a very special zone. It is the place where you sleep, get rest and acquire new energy to carry out tasks of the next day. It is crucial that you get peace and tranquillity in your bedroom.

To make that happen, try to place your master bedroom in the south-west zone. It offers perfect balance with the vastu for home. If it is not available, you can then go for west, north and then south direction. Make sure that your bed does not align with the bedroom door or is placed directly underneath any beam.

You should also seek guidance for determining the most ideal sleeping direction for yourself, with the help of vastu experts.

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Placement of Children’s Bedroom

Vastu for kid’s room is compulsory while conducting vastu for home. Children’s room require special attention as their growth and development gets influenced by the vastu of the room. The most ideal positioning of the children’s bedroom is north zone, followed by west. It helps them to concentrate on academics and built sharp memories.

Also, avoid south zone altogether and make sure that the kid’s room does not have TV, or mirror, etc as they cause too much distraction. It is particularly helpful for young children who are still engaged in academics.

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Placement of Kitchen

Kitchen represents food, which offers nutrition and also protection against many diseases. It also holds an important element of nature, the fire. Thus, a vastu compliant kitchen is crucial for ensuring best vastu for home. It is advised to position in the direction of fire element itself, for best result. Thus, its vastu is very important and is advised to position in the direction of fire element itself.

Place the kitchen in the south zone, particularly the south of south east (SSE), for getting the best result. If it is not available position the same in the west corner instead.

A bad vastu of the kitchen can brings many health-related issues in the family.

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Placement of the Bathroom

The proper positing of the bathroom is very crucial, as negative water force gets generated in the same. If it is placed in random direction, it will pollute the energy field of the entire home.

For the best vastu for house, place bathroom and toilet in the zones of south of south west (SSW), west of north west (WNW), and east of south east (ESE).

You also need to make sure, the bathroom door is single-framed that opens inside, and must always be remained shut. Use good air fresheners to keep it smell nice.

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Placement of Living Room

The living room is yet another space of importance. We spend quality time in here with our family and also entertain our guests in this zone. So, it represents both bonding and socializing. The most suitable direction for living room is the east of north east (ENE), and followed by north-east.

You can use several vastu items in this zone to augment the good energies and uplift the vastu of home. Also makes sure no doors connecting to the internal room is directly aligned to the main door of the house.

Placement of the Guest Bedroom

In case you have an extra room in your home, it is best to allocate it for your guests that pays visit once in a while. The most ideal zone for guest room in the north west. If it is unavailable, you can pick north east.

Since, guests are considered as equivalent to god in Hindu traditions, making their stay comfortable, increases prosperity for you and your family.

Placement of the Septic Tank

Septic tank stores liquid waste from the entire house. Its proper placement is very crucial for ensuring it does not disturb the energy of the entire house. South of south west (SSW), is the most ideal placement for the same. If it is unavailable, you can pick the same directions as of the toilet.

Placement of the Staircase

The staircase placement becomes crucial to connect to upper floors or roof of the house. To make it complaint, as per vastu for home, place it in the direction of South west. You can consider other zones, if it is not available, with the help of vastu experts. But remember to avoid north east zone.

Placement of the Dining Hall

In case you have separate section for dinning, you can position the same in West zone for best result. Though directions east, south and north are good as well. But avoid south west zone altogether.

Placement of Study Room

The study room represents the section in which you either carry out academic study or profession-related conduct. The best direction for study room is either west of south west (WSW), or north west.

It helps to build concentration and focus.

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Placement of Store Room

We often store our extra items in storeroom. It can be placed in any direction of the home, preferably in north west. But be sure to avoid the northeast corner.

These are of 2 types of luggage in our home; the ones that we need from time to time (like warm clothes, extra luggage, puja utensils etc) and the ones we no longer use or use very little. It is advised to get rid of the ones that are stored for a long period of time, as it builds negative energy gradually.

Placement of Water Tanks

There are 2 kinds of water tank, and their type determine which placement is ideal for them. In case you have underground water tank, the best zones to place it in are- north, north east and north-west, as they all represent water.

In case you have overhead water tank, they represent earth element and thereby suits better in the direction of earth element itself. Thus, the best direction for the same is south-west. If it is not available, then you can pick west direction, followed by south.

You also need to pick ideal colors for water tank with respect to each direction, to ensure good vastu for house.

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A Few Notes of Importance

Apart from the vastu guidelines offered above, there are some more notes that you need to follow for having a good vastu for house.

  1. Each direction is subdivided into 8-9 segments, known as pada. After finalizing the direction for placing the main entrance, you need to know which pada is most ideal for you to place it in.
  1. The central space of the home is called as the Brahmasthan (the space of Brahma). Make sure to keep this space free, cause when the energies channel throughout the space, it constructs ideal vastu for house.
  1. In case you are going to buy a plot, never purchase one which is sloped from south to north. It is a severe vastu defect and can bring many catastrophic results.
  1. In case of vastu for staircase, its orientation is also crucial, apart from its position with respect to directional zone. Its orientation refers to whether it is to be made clockwise or counter-clockwise.

These are in-general ideal guidelines for vastu for house a home of average size. You need more guidance in case you live in a multi-storied home, for the various other sections, like the placement of garden, parking lot, penthouse and so on.

It is best to get recommendations for complete vastu for house from an expert vastu specialist through personal consultation.

They carry out a full vastu analysis before offering recommendations and vastu remedies to ensure a perfect vastu for house. They can, moreover, offer assistance getting suitable vastu items that can improvise the vastu for home, even more.

Before we wrap up the article, lets take a look at some of the most common frequently Asked Questions about vastu for home and their factual answers offered by best vastu consultant in India.

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With proper vastu guidance, you can make sure that vastu for house is vastu perfect, which in turn, will offer prosperity and wellbeing. Moreover, you can get customized vastu guidance for several aspects of your life, like good fortune, health, domestic harmony, prosperous marriage, improvised academic for children and so on.

An expert vastu consultant analyses such needs and the vastu of the house and then offer useful and fruitful vastu guidance and remedies. For any such assistance, come at Vaastu Mangaal.

Vaastu Mangaal offers best vastu consultants in Kolkata. Our vastu expert Mr. Pinaki Pal, with more than 20 years of experience and wide knowledge in vastu shastra, he offers the best vastu guidance for both residential and commercial spaces. He is particularly known for offering remedies regarding vastu for house requires no structural alteration.

If you have found this blog useful, share this with your friends and family and spread awareness related to vastu shastra. For more information related to any aspects of vastu for home, for factories, for office space, for astro-vastu or numerology, get in touch with us.

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